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Dakos bread (3)
Greek specialities (10)
Herbs, capers (18)
Pasta (5)
Coffee & Tea (6)
Stevia (3)
Carob (9)
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What's New Here?

Zobacz ostatni materiał Dzień Dobry TVN na nasz temat  Welcome to the world of Greek taste. Greek cuisine is well known and appreciated for its simplicity and home-made foods. Greek diet is widely recognized as the healthiest in the present world. Why? We found the answer watching our aged neighbors in a remote mountainous village in Crete. The key to their longevity is a lot of exercise (living in the mountains is not easy) and consuming lots of vegetables, fruits, olives, cheese, lentils, beans, greens, fish and the best olive oil in the world.

While traveling and living in Greece for the last couple of years we try to choose products the most valuable and hard to find or unavailable on Polish market. We look for goods characteristic for each region of Greece as wild capers and marinated leaves of wild capers from Santorini island or barley rusk (used in dakos) so popular in Crete.

The products we offer in our Greek Delicatessen are chosen by ourselves personally and directly from the producers. Thanks to that we can offer you fresh items in the best possible price.

It's worth to mention that the whole of Greece is now covered by regional GMO-free zones. The anti-GMO movement is growing rapidly in the country. Last research results showed that the 93% of Greeks do not want GMO-cultivation on their land nor GMO products on their plate.

Looking for a nice gift? We prepared various gift sets - just a perfect gift for you and your relatives. Doing your shopping in our Greek Delicatessen you avoid long queues and carrying heavy packages. Leave it to us!

Greetings from sunny and aromatic Crete,
Greek Delicatessen Team (Malgosia, Ania, Michal & Bartek)


Greek classic set (2)

Price:  99,00 zł
84,00 zł

Greek classic set (2)

My sweet Greece

Price:  130,00 zł
105,00 zł

My sweet Greece